Return Policy

Due to the nature of the products being offered, we do not offer returns or exchanges at this time.

How to care for your NQ piece

Handle with great care

Recommended care is wiping down with a damp cloth after wear.  

Keep in a cool place, store below 80 F degrees

What are the shipping options?

Express (2 Business Days)

What if my piece doesn't fit me?

We have taken great care in trying to accommodate the vast array of torso morphologies within the two sizes provided, but Nusi Quero cannot be responsible for the compatibility of purchased items with the customers body. This is not a mass produced product, this is an art piece, which could have the possibility of fitting you perfectly, or imperfectly. We've done our best to make it the former.


If you do feel the urge to take the risk of adjusting your 3d printed piece, you can try putting your item into a conventional oven at 170-200 degrees (Fahrenheit) for around 3-5 minutes, at which point the resin material will become slightly pliable (but also prone to breaking or cracking), and you can ever so gently, and slowly bend or mold it. This can also be done with a heat gun that is focused on the area of adjustment for short periods of time. Large bends will damage the enamel finish and structural integrity of the resin, so these must be subtle adjustments. Nusi Quero will not assume ANY responsibility for damages that occur during this or any other process of adjustment.